Trade Development

Trade development refers to the process of fostering and expanding international trade activities between countries or regions. It involves strategies and initiatives aimed at enhancing exports, imports, and overall trade volumes. 

Key IAC StRategies

Export Promotion

IAC provides support to domestic and international companies to expand their exports. This includes market research, trade missions, participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, export financing, and assistance with export documentation and logistics. 

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Support

IAC supports Governments that provide support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to engage in international trade. This includes access to finance, business development services, export training, and mentorship programs. 

Market Research and Analysis

IAC analyses global markets to identify emerging trends, consumer preferences, and demand patterns. This includes studying market size, growth rates, competitive landscapes, and regulatory frameworks in different regions. 


IAC assists in putting in place various measures and processes that are implemented to streamline and simplify the importation of goods into a country. It involves reducing trade barriers, improving customs procedures, and enhancing efficiency in the import process.