Partner identification

Partner identification refers to the process of identifying potential partners or collaborators for a specific purpose or project. It involves identifying individuals, organizations, or entities that possess the necessary expertise, resources, or capabilities to support or enhance the goals and objectives of the partnership. 

IAC Strategies

Sectorial Expertise

IAC has a deep understanding and specialized knowledge in any specific sector or industry. It implies having comprehensive knowledge of the particular sector's dynamics, trends, regulations, challenges, and best practices. This expertise allows individuals or organizations to provide valuable insights, guidance, and solutions specific to that sector.

Research and Analysis

IAC can cover various areas such as market research, competitive analysis, customer behavior analysis, financial analysis, operational efficiency assessment, and strategic planning. The process may involve both quantitative and qualitative research methods to provide a holistic understanding of the business landscape.

Criteria for selection

IAC establishes criteria or parameters to evaluate potential partners. Considers factors such as expertise, experience, reputation, financial stability, geographic location, cultural compatibility, and track record of successful collaborations.

Due Diligence

IAC's due diligence on potential partners to gather more information about their reputation, past performance, financial stability, legal compliance, and any potential conflicts of interest. This may involve reviewing references, conducting background checks, or requesting additional documentation.