CEO's Message

India offers high potential business opportunities given the huge size of its upper and middle-class population. It is the leading emerging economy offering significant opportunities to foreign organisations. The country’s economic growth and low market penetration in many product categories create compelling business propositions. The opportunity to set up business in India is on global investors’ radar. However, India is a significantly diverse country. The sheer size and the nature of the Indian market can also present a challenge for investors and businesses. Indian states are often compared to individual nations, given their size and diversity in language, culture and infrastructure. Hence, it is very important to possess deep knowledge about this diversified market, competitive landscape, and financial and regulatory aspects before expanding into the Indian market.

To achieve the objectives of the business expansion effectively, International Advisory Council develops client-specific customised market strategies for India. We have been a trusted advisor to businesses of all size including regional, national, foreign government and non-profit organisations in India, with offices in 5 of the major metro cities – Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Delhi.

We provide our services to international organisations and universities who wish to enter India and South Asia market. We facilitate organisations with their entry, expansion plans, setting up local offices, searching local partners, market intelligence, recruitment, accounting and other cost effective models. Over the years, we have joined hands with organisations across 20 countries and helped them with business decisions and put their expansion plans in action.

With more than a decade year of experience and widespread presence across India, we are well versed with the Indian market. We help international organisations understand how to do business in India, what are the key points to be aware of while dealing with Indian counterparts and the business ecosystem in India.

In 2020 – 2021 during Covid-19, we made some changes to our services and our approach to doing business in a virtual environment and I believe it will serve as competitive advantage going forward.

One of the highest priorities for our team is creating an environment where diverse values, ideas and thinking are accepted and where everyone can be themselves. Our team is focused on operating efficiently and performing to our client’s satisfaction. We are well positioned to execute on the attractive opportunities in front of us. 

We are always eager to offer our clients an international platform and facilitate seamless services to achieve their global aspirations. 

Feel free to reach out and start your journey into India and South Asia market.

With regards and good wishes!

Ashish Mehta,

CEO, International Advisory Council