Investment promotion

Investment promotion refers to the activities and strategies undertaken by governments, organizations, or individuals to attract domestic or foreign investment into a particular region, sector, or project. 

Key IAC Strategies

Lead generation and business matchmaking

IAC connects individuals and companies with similar interests, goals, or complementary skills in order to facilitate collaboration, partnerships, and growth.

Investment roadshows and seminars

IAC brings together investors, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and financial professionals to exchange knowledge, showcase investment opportunities, and facilitate potential investment partnerships. These events play a significant role in raising capital, attracting investors, and promoting business growth. 

Market research and intelligence

IAC's market research and intelligence plays a vital role in understanding market trends, customers demands, and competitors, which enables businesses to make informed decisions, optimize their strategies, and stay competitive in a dynamic business environment. 

Investor support services

IAC aims to provide investors with the necessary tools, information, and guidance to make informed investment decisions, manage their FDI journey effectively, and achieve their objectives.