Incubation Support

Incubation support refers to the resources, guidance, and mentorship provided to early-stage startups and entrepreneurs to help them grow and succeed. Incubators are organizations or programs that offer such support and create an environment conducive to innovation and business development. 

IAC Support

Physical Space

IAC typically provides physical workspace, which may include office space, shared workstations, meeting rooms, and other facilities necessary for startups to operate.

Business Strategy

IAC offers guidance in areas such as market research, business planning, strategy development, and customer acquisition.

Networking Events

IAC to facilitate networking events, workshops, seminars, and industry-specific conferences, allowing startups to connect with potential investors, partners, and customers. Building a strong network is crucial for startup success. 

Legal & Administrative Support

IAC assists startups with legal and administrative tasks such as business registration, intellectual property protection, contracts, and compliance with regulatory requirements.