India Representation

IAC is responsible for managing local teams, implementing business strategies, maintaining relationships with stakeholders, and ensuring the company's success in the Indian market for foriegn companies, non governmental institutions and government agencies 

IAC Support

Country Representation

IAC offers support to Foreign organisations during early initiatives of getting a hold in the  Indian market. Our Country / Quasi representation helps international government / companies accelerate & develop upon a new business or expand existing business in India. 

Client Liaison 

IAC will liaise with the customer/partner to ensure all due/payments are received in line with the terms of the contract. Also, IAC will advice on terms and other contractual obligations.

Staff Recruitment

IAC will provide assistance in search and appointment of candidates, but also provide benchmarking on compensation structures which enables effective HR policies.

Business Development

IAC will assist in developing and managing a portfolio of prospects and market intelligence from a variety of sources such as industry journals, trade events and client meetings.