West Bengal

West Bengal is the second largest tea-producing state in India. During 2013-14, it accounted for 25.8 per cent of India's total tea production with production of around 312.1 million kgs. Kolkata is the prime centre for India's jute industry. During 2012-13, West Bengal accounted for 79.6 per cent of India's total jute production.

West Bengal has abundant natural resources of minerals and suitable agro-climatic conditions for agriculture, horticulture and fisheries. It offers excellent connectivity to the rest of India in terms of railways, roadways, ports and airports.

Capital | Population Kolkata |90.32 million
State GDP & Growth Rate – GDP State GDP is around UDS $ 17.97 billion and the growth rate is approx. 14.14%.
Per capita income The per capita income ranges from US $ 1170 to 1190.
Political Scenario The Government of West Bengal is the regional ruling authority of the state. The current government was elected in the year of 2011. The ruling party of West Bengal is Trinamool Congress.
Key Sectors / Industries Tea, petroleum and petrochemicals, leather. Iron and steel, information technology, mineral resources, automobile and auto components, biotechnology, fisheries, jute products and textiles.
Emerging markets / opportunities
  • - Tea Industry
  • - Leather Industry
  • - Information Technology
  • - Tourism
  • - Agriculture
Business Scenario /Government Initiatives
  • 4,794 new micro, small and medium scale units were established providing employment to around 50,370 people. The Government of West Bengal has set up an integrated leather complex on the eastern fringe of Kolkata, spread over 1,100 acres. Kolkata is the second most important tanning center of India, accounting for 22-25 per cent of the country's tanning activity. The Joint Plant Committee (JPC) for steel has been constituted by the Government of India to formulate guidelines for production, allocation, pricing and distribution of steel materials in the country.
  • Three steel parks are expected to be established at an investment of about US$ 5.9 billion. Under the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17), US$ 904 million has been allocated for the development of agriculture and allied activities in West Bengal.

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