The state has close proximity to the national capital Delhi, a leading market of the country and excellent connectivity with neighboring states with abundant natural resources due to hills and forests supporting tourism, and vast water resources favoring hydropower. Agro-climatic conditions support horticulture-based Industries.

The state offers a wide range of benefits in terms of interest incentives, financial assistance, subsidies and concessions. Uttarakhand has a robust social and industrial infrastructure, virtual connectivity, over 52,628 km of road network, two domestic airports, 345 km of rail routes and an installed power capacity of 2,634.69 megawatt (MW).

Capital | Population Dehradun | 10.08 million
State GDP & Growth Rate – GDP State GDP is around UDS $ 22.66 billion and the growth rate is approx. 16.68%.
Per capita income The per capita income ranges from US $ 1870 to 1880
Political Scenario The Government of Uttarakhand is the regional ruling authority of the state. The current ruling party is Indian National Congress and was elected in the year of 2014.
Key Sectors / Industries agro-based and food processing, information and communications technology, floriculture, horticulture, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, hydropower and tourism
Emerging markets / opportunities
  • - Biotechnology
  • - Handicrafts, Handloom, Wool Based Industry, Khadi & Village Industries
  • - Information Technology
  • - Tourism
  • - Agro and Food Processing Industry
Business Scenario /Government Initiatives
  • With the establishment of the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) now offers high-speed connectivity. There are more such earth stations planned at other locations. Facilities by BSNL and Reliance are also available in the state.
  • IT development agency has been constituted by the state government at Dehradun. The state government has decided to set up a horticulture marketing board to boost horticulture products in the state. The state government plans to utilise and leverage biotechnology for accelerating the economic development by converting its bio wealth into economic wealth. The single-window contract facility is available under a two-tier system-The District Industrial Centres (DIC) at the district-level and SIDCUL at the state-level. These centres are responsible for providing information and escort services to entrepreneurs. They also maintain a data bank.

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