Technology Search and R &D collaboration

The technology scouting service has been created for companies looking for continuous innovation and improving their competitive strengths. Open and shared innovation is the latest buzz word in the R&D division of large companies and small companies can benefit from licensing or partnering with large organisation for technological advancement.

At International Advisory Council, we help leading corporate to integrate technology scouting in their technology and business strategy.

A typical technology scouting process is conducted as follows:

  • a. Analysis of the technology areas of interest- identifying specific technology needs.
  • b. Market screening and identification of best technologies available today and suitable companies to be approached.
  • c. Preliminary “due diligence”: Basic checks such as past customer satisfaction, financial status, technology road map on target technology or company.

Similarly R&D collaboration is our focused matching service which helps innovative international organizations to collaborate and develop technology partnerships. We at International Advisory Council provide a partner identification service to help organisations find the right academic or commercial partner for research and development collaborations.

By deploying a proven partner search process and the expertise of technology and specialists (including engineers, scientists, technicians etc) R&D Collaboration is able to produce rigorously researched reports detailing potential partners and to support organisations during the early stages of the partnering process. We contact organisations with similar technology needs and let them collaborate with one another.

R&D Collaborations helps organisations realise opportunities that would be far beyond their individual grasp. By identifying partners with the knowledge, skills and strategies to add value to a project, it provides a low-risk method of fast-tracking innovation and growth goals in the global market place. R&D Partnerships can also aid open innovation and remove obstacles to collaborating caused by cultural and language differences and resource constraints.

To know more about this program, please write to our Technology Specialist or contact us.

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