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International Advisory Council provides customized business development, representative office and cross border advisory services as well as help companies in raising capital. We serve clients, bilateral and government organizations in multiple sectors including Information Communication Technology, Advanced Engineering, Life Sciences, Financial services and Energy. We aim to keep unnecessary work to a minimum and to make the knowledge and networks of our people work hard for you.

Representative Offices for Multinational Companies, Government and Public Sector Organizations and Professional Services firms:

  • Would you like to do more than simply exporting your products and services through channel partners and sales agents?
  • Are you a regional or national government planning to set-up a trade, investment and tourism promotion office in India or Europe?
  • Would you like to offer the same quality services to your customers abroad and to your customers at home without incorporating a branch abroad?
  • Are you looking for reliable trade representatives in the UK or a back office in India supporting you in administering your overseas business activities?

While exploring new markets it is very important to actually be there. Deciding for financially limited ways of distribution will definitely be of advantage when launching new products on a market, as there are always a lot of risks.

International Advisory Council will manage your back office or act as your sales representatives in India. You will be able to keep your expenses low.

Representing your organization:

International Advisory Council will represent your company in India or UK including all managing work. We will keep an eye on the market, develop plans and business strategies, start marketing campaigns and keep close contact with your Indian business partners and customers.

One or more employees will be responsible for your company and work according to your requirements. This will be the first step for actually founding a branch or outlet of your company.

You will only be charged for the time and resources invested in your business activities. You will be provided with important information on your target market.Furthermore, we will continue to establish important contacts to expand your business and help your future business activities. This includes opening up a proper office for your organization or representing it through a virtual or shared office using our facilities. Acting as your sales representative: We act as sales representatives for multinational companies and have successfully introduced a large variety of products and services in the Indian market.

We will contact (potential) customers, offer them your products at prices and conditions you stated beforehand and offer advice and additional services. We will complete all orders and business deals and provide you with all necessary information. We know the Indian and European market and speak the language of our customers !

From the very first day of Our Engagement:

  • Your company will be excellently represented by a specialist or a team of experts depending on your requirements at one or multiple locations.
  • You will have full control on each of the activities including employee recruitment, office infrastructure, work schedule, reporting etc. and you will not have to deal with any cultural or regulatory issues.
  • You will be given the unique opportunity to do business in India and Europe successfully and at low risk and minimal management time!

Some of our clients include international law and accounting firms looking for Indian clients interested in setting up business presence abroad, global head hunters and recruitment firms, Property developers and serviced office providers looking for overseas buyers and tenants approach us with their propositions and property details. Many small and mid size technology companies planning to test the Indian market at low risk benefit from our services.

Your Soft Landing in India or Europe – Local market entry support and incubation facilities

Why do companies and bilateral organizations need soft landing services

So that they can get straight into business. We reduce the set-up cost, time and resources required and we also reduce the management time and risk involved in setting up a business overseas.

Soft Landing enables you to quickly and cost effectively set up business in India and UK. It is a start-up service dedicated to overseas businesses.

So what do we need?

Your requirements and business plan, time lines to set-up a representative office and any regulatory approvals required to sell your product in the country. If you don’t know, don’t worry. We will help you in preparing all this.

So what do we do?

We will understand your business plan and provide the initial advice on some practical aspects for free. We can also help you customize your business plan depending on our experience and knowledge of the local market. We will then set-up your business and continue to grow till the time you decide to manage it yourself. We will provide full support during the transition of business and retain all the functions you may wish us to manage. For more information on how this set-up works, please contact us.

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