Himachal Pradesh

  • With a hydro power potential of 23,000 megawatt (MW) Himachal Pradesh accounts for 25 per cent of the country's total hydro power potential. The state boasts of a high level of village electrification and also has attracted investments in other sectors such as pharmaceuticals, IT and engineering industries. The rich natural resources are favorably suited for investments in major sectors such as procurement of agricultural produce, hydroelectric power, cement and tourism.
  • Himachal Pradesh has made significant achievements in the field of industrialisation in the past few years, there were 494 medium and large-scale industries and about 39,325 small-scale industries; with a total investment of around US$ 3.2 billion, operating in the state.
Capital | Population Shimla | 6.856 million
State GDP & Growth Rate - GDP State GDP is around US$ 1,945.6 million and the growth rate is approx. 12.81%.
Per capita income The per capita income ranges from US$ 1530 to 1540.
Political Scenario The Government of Himachal Pradesh is the supreme governing authority of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Indian National Congress is the ruling party since 2012.
Key Sectors / Industries The few key industries in the state are textiles, pharmaceuticals, food procurement and processing,light engineering, IT and electronics, cement, tourism and hydropower.
Emerging markets / opportunities
  • - Tourism
  • - Information Technology (IT)
  • - Biotechnology (BT)
  • - Agriculture
Business Scenario /Government Initiatives
  • The Department of Environment, Science & Technology (DEST), Government of Himachal Pradesh, proposes to develop a Biotechnology Park (BTP) spread over an area of about 35 acres at under public-private partnership (PPP) mode in the state. The park would have a Biotechnology Incubation Centre and a Biotechnology Industrial Cluster.
  • The Government of Himachal Pradesh has signed a MoU with Jaypee Industries to establish a large cement plant at Broh Shind (Chamba district).
  • The state has launched a venture capital fund dedicated to the IT industry, with a corpus of around US$ 4.2 million. It is funded jointly by Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) and other state government agencies.
  • The sectors which are on boom in HP are agro-based and forest-based food processing, beverages, information technology, electronics, and hi-tech industries.
  • The climate of the state is favourable for the production of a wide array of crops, such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, and commercial crops.
  • The state is also rich in minerals, such as limestone, copper, rock salt, brass, gold, gypsum, mica, and natural gas.
  • The state is known for having a negligible number of strikes and labor unrest.
  • Industrialization has made significant progress in the state during the last few years. The state is home to about 34,835 industrial units (small-, medium-, and large-scale) with an investment of about INR 6,400 crores.
  • The state holds great potential for investment in tourism and related activities. The different sectors of the state’s economy offer multiple investment options.
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